Tuesday, March 1

Demmy Blaze & Her Big Balloons

If Demmy Blaze was your study-mate and she dressed like this when you had your exam cram sessions, you'd flunk every test. There's no way you could think straight with Demmy's big balloons dominating your mind. Even if Demmy wasn't dressed as she is in this video, you'd still be unable to concentrate on anything. Before Demmy became a balloon-popping model, she considered a career as a customs official. "During my school years, I dreamt about that kind of work and that's why I was a very good student," Demmy said. Fortunately, Demmy's interests took a radical turn and she decided to make the most of her considerable natural gifts. It would have been a waste of her assets if she had a career checking travelers for contraband. Although, as an idea for a video, it's pretty good.

Monday, January 31

Demmy Blaze: Wax On, Wax Off

Demmy Blaze is looking bustier than ever. Widescreen was invented for the breast-stars of SCORELAND, and what Demmy has fills the screen. She looks spectacular, the perfect Voluptuous Girl. Demmy picked a fetish mistress outfit for this scene. You may be accustomed to her sweet "good girl" look. This side of Demmy could strike you as a major change of image, especially with that riding crop she's wielding. Looking in the mirror, Demmy touches up her pretty lips, then writes on the mirror with her lipstick, "I *heart* SCORELAND." We love Demmy too. Later in this scene, totally naked Demmy takes a lighter and melts a can of wax. She lets it drip all over her massive natural boobs and peels it off. Melting some more wax, Demmy drips it right above her pussy.

Monday, January 3

Bikini Demmy

"I love the traveling," Demmy Blaze said. "Becoming a model has given me this. I would not have been able to have so many new experiences if I did not make the decision to become a model." Demmy joined a group of supernaturals in the Dominican Republic for the movie On Location North Coast. The action is non-stop in this epic feature film. "I enjoy being in SCORE magazine. I love my body and I think I am lucky to be natural. I know that money cannot buy the kind of body I have. I am always thinking now of the future and the next photo session. People ask me many questions about my breasts. I enjoy reading what people write about me and have to say so I opened a Twitter account and started a web site." I asked Demmy how she got into modeling. "When I studied at university, one SCORELAND model added me on a social media site and asked me if I would like to make shootings for SCORELAND, but I couldn't imagine that I would do so well at modeling work. I didn't stop to think about it. Finally, in 2016, I decided to try it, so I traveled to your photographers in the Czech Republic."

Saturday, December 11

Billiards and boobs

"I am very serious about working as a model," former Voluptuous Model of the Year Demmy Blaze said. "Sometimes, I am very critical of myself. I like to look at the work of other models. I love what Hitomi, Sha Rizel and Alexya have done. I was very, very happy to be with Sha and Alexya for a SCORE photo shoot in the Caribbean [On Location North Coast]." In this video, Demmy plays pool. Then she gets her tits out. I've never had the pleasure of feeling Demmy's big naturals, but they look heavy. They're the kind of tits that dominate a girl's chest. SCORELAND: So Demmy, do you drive a car? Do shoulder belts fit you comfortably? Demmy: I don't drive a car but I have a driver's license. By law I have to have on a shoulder belt for my safety. They are not so comfortable. I always had a lot of attention from the driving instructors. Maybe that is why any kind of study was always easy for me. SCORELAND: Do you ever hide things in your cleavage? Demmy: I don't have much room in my bra. Sometimes I hide money there. That is all I can put in there. SCORELAND: What do you like to do on a free night? Demmy: I like to spend the day with a friend or a group of friends. I like to go to some music concerts or just relax in cafes. Also I like cinema and traveling. SCORELAND: Do you have any girlfriends with big boobs like yours? Demmy: In Ukraine, many women have big breasts and I have some friends with big boobs, but not so big like I have. SCORELAND: You are also a bra and lingerie spokesmodel for Brazerie, a lingerie company in Odessa. Tell us about that. Demmy: That was so surprising for me. I went to the Brazerie shop to buy some nice lingerie for myself. The boss of that shop was there and she was a very communicative lady. I told her that I have a hobby to make photo shootings and I showed her some of my pics. She asked for my phone number and soon called me for work to model their bras and lingerie. The videos are on Youtube. They are so professional and tell me what my right bra size is and choose for me very comfortable lingerie. Now I only buy lingerie there for my shootings and for gym and swimsuits.

Sunday, November 14

Demmy Blaze: She's Unbelievable

Demmy Blaze. A sweet girl who's got everything a man could want, with extra to spare. We might be looking at a mirage but it seems like Demmy is bustier and curvier than ever. Demmy stands out so much, the crew on the International Space Station could see her. From the top of her head to the tips of her toes and everywhere between, her figure is unbelievable. Stretching a white top with "Los Angeles" printed on it, suspenders and tight red pants, Demmy gives us the guided tour of her spectacular body. She removes her top to to slap her suspenders against her boobs and sits in a swinging chair suspended from the ceiling. Doing a slow strip, Demmy gets into bed and peels off her panties. Rubbing, swinging, licking and squeezing her tits, Demmy parts her legs, showing her tan-lined bottom and shaved cookie.

Sunday, September 12

Demmy's shower show

"There's so much of me," Ukrainian mega-natural Demmy Blaze said. "So much boobies." Demmy has the kind of tits that dominate her chest. She reminds me of something a friend of mine said in high school when one of our female classmates passed us in the hall, wearing a halter top: "She's all tit." For some reason, that's stuck with me. Demmy's all tit. They look heavy, if it's possible for something to look heavy. But Demmy confirmed to us that they are heavy. Full and heavy. In this scene, 2017's Voluptuous magazine Model of the Year is in her bathroom. She shakes her tits, which are encased in a bra that's way too small for her, unleashes those H-cups, bounces them and lets them hang, licks and sucks her nips and takes a shower. Elliot wrote, "[Demmy] is very proud of her boobs and thinks of them as an important part of her life. She even picks the colors of her bras that she thinks will go with her hair color or makeup. This seems to be a trait among eastern European girls: Russians, Ukrainians and other nationalities in that part of the world. They don't leave the house unless they feel they're perfect." "I'm very happy doing what I am doing," Demmy said. "I never thought I would show my boobs, and then I discovered I like doing it."